Quality of Life

We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy enriched lives in an economically thriving, inclusive community    

4.1 Health

4.1.1 Identify and reduce barriers to a high quality of life for all sections of the community

1.  Health and WB items at Forums and NPs (eg Bishopston Learning Difficulties Survey, safe drinking projects etc

2.  Audit of youth activities in the NP area

3.  Support projects for older people in the Neighbourhood Partnership area

4.1.2. Promote healthy activities

1.   Walking Strategy

4.2 Personal safety

4.2.1. Raise awareness of organisations tackling domestic and sexual violence and abuse

1. Support the ‘No More Excuses’ campaign by increasing awareness of domestic abuse. Promote awareness of Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference process across the NP.

4.2.2. Promote initiatives which increase safety and confidence

1.  Work with Police and other providers to reduce the fear of crime: education activities,  road shows. Continue to involve Police in engagement with NPs and forums

4.3 Arts, culture & education

4.3.1. Promote local arts where it is likely to appeal to a wide section of the community.

1.  BCR Festival

2.  Green Capital Arts project

3.  Other Small Grants funded projects

4.3.2. Encourage lifelong access to education

1.  Await developments of Libraries consultation for opportunities

2.Research provision of IT training for residents to enable them to engage in NP activities including street scene volunteer roles

4.4 Housing

4.4.1 Promote housing that is good to live in

1.  Student lettings – start landlords quality mark scheme

4.5.2. Promote neighbourliness

1.  Promote lovewhereyoulive

2.  Continue to promote Moving In/Out

4.5 Community

4.5.1 Support local groups and organisations

1.  Via Small grants fund

2.  Provide publicity and information –  Website, Forums, e-newsletters (e.g. volunteer engagement)

4.5.2. Promote neighbourliness

1.  Support Moving in/out campaign

2.  Fund Playing Out and street parties

3.  BCR Festival

4.6 Local Economy

4.6.1 Support activities that promote retail areas

1.  Support consultation on Business Improvement District for central and upper Glos Rd?

2.  BCR Festival

3.  Small Grants

4.7 Food Sustainability

4.7.1 Encourage food sustainability

1.  Small Grants£  – allotments and growing projects

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