BCR NP Plan 2016/17

The Neighbourhood Partnership Plan covers the topics within the NP Priorities that the NP currently aims to actively pursue, and are shown as numbered items beneath the relevant Priority (shown here in italics).

The NP will in all of its work challenge barriers to participation and engagement in all aspects of community and social life, due to age, health, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, loneliness, social isolation or caring responsibilities.


Parks and Green Spaces: Promoting areas that are: safe, maintained, enjoyable by all, and bio diverse

1.1.1. Promote improvements to Parks and Green Spaces to ensure they are enjoyable for all

  1. Work with community parks groups to bring forward consultation and implementation of projects e.g. for play, green infrastructure, wildlife habitat, benches, notice boards, health and leisure activities, events
  2. Ensure work in parks takes account of the unique habitat, character and history of each park and green spaces

1.1.2. Promote good maintenance of Parks and Green Spaces

  1. Draw up a park management plan for each park which sets out maintenance priorities for each park / green space e.g. tree, hedge, grass, drain, watercourse and pond maintenance / management to support diversity of wildlife
  2. Support volunteer / Community Payback team / Park Force / Good Gym work parties

1.1.3. Promote safety in parks

  1. Work with BCC / police to tackle e.g. ASB, graffiti, litter and fly-tipping, safety and perception of safety, cycle/pedestrian path user interaction, air quality
  2. Promote the new parks byelaws where appropriate

1.1.4. Identify opportunities for increasing number of green spaces


Street Scene: Tackling anti-social behaviour, including littering, graffiti, fly-posting and fly-tipping; Encouraging best practice in waste management, including domestic and trade bins

1.2.1. Improve the maintenance of streets and public places and tackle ASB problems

  1. Support the multi-agency BCC/police/resident Street Scene Group and Street Scene Volunteers
  2. Implement programme to increase reporting, reduction and removal of graffiti tags, fly posting, littering and dog fouling e.g. through publicising of BCC reporting process, work with ‘Moving In / Moving out’ / ‘Love Where You Live’ Student Campaigns, mapping ‘hotspots’, work parties / action days and enforcement / legal procedures
  3. Monitor, report and remove pavement obstructions: e.g. A boards, on pavement seating, overgrown hedges, epicormic tree growth

1.2.2. Tackle waste and recycling issues

  1. Trade Bin action plan eg for adequate labelling, mapping of bin locations and agreement on placement of trade bins, enforcement.
  2. Plan for reduction in number of residents bins and recycling boxes left on pavements e.g. through education, enforcement, engagement and consideration of alternative measures e.g. introduction of MRCs (mini recycling centres)
  3. Respond to planning applications to ensure good facilities for, and management of, bins, waste and recycling boxes of new development
  4. Identify need for additional street waste and dog waste bins

1.2.3. Improve retail street frontage areas

  1. Work with local traders groups to bring forward improvement projects
  2. Aim to reduce street clutter e.g. commercial advertising, obsolete street furniture and signage


Replenishing street trees in existing locations and adding new ones

1.2.4. Promote Street Tree planting and maintenance.

  1. Tree Group to develop and maintain a tree strategy for the NP, to include: promoting sponsorship and allocation of NP and other funds, ID tree replacement and diseased trees, and update NP new tree list regularly


Travel: Working towards safe and pleasant journeys along roads and through public spaces; Reducing road congestion through sustainable travel (walking, cycling, buses, trains)

2.1 Highways

  1. Identify problems and propose solutions that can be negotiated with BCC through road schemes and minor works
  2. Consult with BCC Highways on the impact of their road proposals
  3. Engage with BCC and other NPs to help shape ideas to tackle the traffic impact of the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood development

2.2 Safe and responsible road behaviour

  1. Liaise with the police to tackle irresponsible behaviour, including bad driving and cycling and obstructive parking
  2. Support Community Speedwatch programme and liaise with the police to identify possible speeding enforcement activities
  3. Work with schools and parents to promote safe travel and combat congestion problems near schools
  4. Enable local consultation on parking and traffic solutions

2.3  Active Travel

  1. Promote walking locally and through membership of the Bristol Walking Alliance
  2. Promote safe cycle routes and provision of cycle facilities e.g. stands and hangars

2.4 Public transport

  1. Support existing and new bus routes and improvements to bus services
  2. Support local rail improvements including the Henbury Loop and Ashley Down station


Getting people involved in the decisions which affect their community

3.1 Communication and engagement between the Neighbourhood Partnership and people who live and work within the area

3.1.1. Identify and reduce barriers to engagement

  1. Develop an engagement plan to enable the NP’s activities to be reflective of BCR community

3.1.2. Widen awareness of and increase the number of people that engage with the NP

  1. Organise and publicise NP events e.g. 3 combined forums and community Fair, Neighbourhood Partnership meetings and BCR Festival.
  2. Maintain communications e.g. E-newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, website and noticeboard
  3. Produce BCR publicity material e.g. calling card and posters
  4. Identify and plan outreach opportunities

3.1.3. Identify and share opportunities for community to influence decisions

  1. Support consultation exercises by working groups through outreach and communication methods.
  2. Monitor new format for BCR NP forums and outreach work to assess effectiveness and report back at March 2017 NP meeting.

3.1.4. Identify and engage with local groups and organisations

  1. Map and produce directory of local community groups / activities


The NP wants to be open to all, transparent and responsive

5.1.1   Be explicit about how the NP works

  1. Update the NP Constitution, to include the WG Terms of Reference
  2. Clarify the way people can participate in WGs and the NP
  3. Review the allocation of the NP Budget, including whether it is assisting a wide enough section of the community
  4. Help resolve any issues that inhibit working across NP boundaries or between NPs and BCC
  5. Produce an overview of alternative NP organisational structures, for example to enable external funding bids

The priorities below are included in the NP Plan despite not being under the remit of an existing working group.  They are equally important priorities and the NP will seek to achieve them in 2016 either directly, through new working groups, or by supporting other groups with Small Grants.

Community: Supporting development of publicly accessible community facilities; Promoting neighbourliness within and between communities

3.2.1 Support the development of community facilities

  1. Support the development of community facilities e.g. the Ardagh (community building on Horfield Common) and the new Gloucester Road Library (including holding regular NP meetings there)
  2. Support local initiatives e.g. ‘Love Where You Live’

Quality of Life: Promoting leisure activities and/or support services for people of all ages; Supporting activities which promote healthy lifestyles; Supporting local creative and arts projects which are likely to appeal to a wide section of the community; Encouraging lifelong access to learning

Security: Increasing awareness of domestic and sexual violence and discrimination; Assisting neighbourhood police, including reporting anti-social behaviour

4.2.1. Raise awareness of organisations tackling domestic and sexual violence and abuse

4.2.2  Work with Police and other providers to reduce the fear of crime: e.g. education activities, road shows.

  1. Publicise how to report cases where police or similar intervention may be required e.g. rough sleepers, street drinking, excessively noisy gatherings

Enterprise and Initiative: Maintaining the diversity of our retail high streets; Promoting community/school-based food-growing projects; Encouraging the growth of sustainable local non-profitmaking organisations

As agreed at the NP Meeting – 20th June 2016.

Neighbourhood Partnership Priorities and Plan (printable pdf)

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