The NP be open to all, transparent and responsive        

5.1 Constitution

5.1.1. Be explicit about how NP works

1.  Update/review NP leaflet that explains everything

2.  Publicise and promote NP documentation

3.  Explain NPs at beginning of all NP and Forum meetings

4.  Explanation on website

5.  Provide information pack for all NP reps

6. Ensure NP documents are written in plain English and all necessary explanatory material is available for meetings

5.1.2 Establish & support NP working groups

1.  Establish and develop support  for:

–  Traffic and Travel

– Small grants

–  NP parks

–  Street Scene

–  Communications & Engagement

2.  Recruit additional members to working groups

5.2 Financial administration

5.2.1. Manage budget  

1.  NP budget update provided at all NPs

5.3 NP Plan

5.3.1 Draw up, prioritise, publicise and review NP plan

1.  NP plans, develops, and launches NP plan

2.  review annually

5.4 Meetings

5.4.1. Document and publicise NP meetings  

1.  Manage to agreed practice

5.5 Relationship with other partnerships

1.  At least one citywide event per year.  Send reps to this

5.5.1. Work with other NPs to reduce cross boundary issues       

1.  Explore potential shared Small Grants projects

5.5.2. Work with other NPs to identify best practice

1.  As above

5.6. Relationship with the council

5.6.1 Ensure good communications with council officers, departments etc

1.  Ensure appropriate attendance of officers at meetings

2.  Develop a key contacts list for the NP

5.6.2 Improve processes involving council departments etc

1.  Use citywide and other cross-NP events to discuss council departmental involvement in NPs

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