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The NP has identified a number of projects and areas of work which could be taken forward by dedicated working groups. If you are interested in any of these groups, or have suggestions for others please contact us through

  • Biodiversity.

A new group is being set up to cover this topic-  

If you are interested in being on this group please get in touch.

  • Communications and Engagement group

The C&E group meets every 6 weeks to plan how to get more people in the neighbourhood to be aware of the Neighbourhood Partnership organisation and how they can have a voice in decisions. The C&E group works with the Neighbourhood Officers to agree how wider engagement through targeted visits can be organised and how to publicise and organise the Forum meetings.

The C&E group also organise the Festival and the annual combined ward superforum.

Members of the group currently are Alison Bromilow (chair), Roger Gimson, Cllr Tom Brook, Cllr Cleo Lake, Cllr Eleanor Combley, Sarah Thorp, Lesley Welch, Eileen Lepine, Gavin Spittlehouse

The NP coordinator and Neighbourhood Officer also attend these meetings.

If you are interested in being on this group please get in touch.

    • Environmental groups for parks

BCR NP parks groups are the Environment working groups for each park.

Redland Green:
Redland Green Community Group Vasilli Papastavrou, John Waldron, Lois Goddard and Rod Symonds
Redland & Cotham Amenities Society Alison Bromilow

Cotham Gardens:
Friends of Cotham Gardens, (through RCAS), Alison Bromilow

Horfield Common:
Friends of Horfield Common Sam Thomson

Ashley Down Green:
Friends of Ashley Down Green Julia Jones

High Kingsdown childrens play area:
High Kingsdown residents association Karen Sillence

Kingsdown green spaces:
Kingsdown Conservation Group

  • Governance

This NP working group monitors the governance of the NP. 

Members of the group currently are Alison Bromilow, Cll Martin Fodor, Roger Gimson, Eileen Lepine (chair) and Andrew McGrath (BCC Neighbourhood Coordinator)

  • Place

A new group is proposed for this.

If you are interested in being on this group please get in touch.

  • Small grants group

The Small Grants (formerly Wellbeing Fund) group currently consists of Jenny Hoadley (The Bishopston Society rep), who steers the meetings, one councillor (Fi Hance) and Andrea Stott who is a local person who has experience of working as an assessor for the Lottery Fund. The NP Co-ordinator usually attends as well.
Their role is to
* ensure there is some pre-deadline advertising
* contacting applicants for further information if necessary ( it often is!)
* make recommendations for funding, either in total or in part
* write a report providing the evidence underlying the recommendations for the Neighbourhood Partnership public meetings.
The group usually meets twice after each deadline to discuss the applications and draft the report.

  • Street Scene group

The Street Scene group undertakes work to improve the environment by dealing with graffiti, bins etc left on pavements, and other obstructions such as unmaintained trees and hedges, which adversely impact on the area and works with BCC officers to achieve a better street environment.

Current members are Alison Bromilow, Cllr Fi Hance, Liz Kew, Mon Lougee, Daniella Radice, Rob Umphray (chair) and Matt Jones BCC Neighbourhood Officer.

If you are interested in being on this group please get in touch.

  • Sustainable Travel group

The Sustainable Travel group assesses the Highways options which come forward in the NP area. Information about Highways schemes is now more easily available through the Traffic Choices tracker here. If you are interested in being on this group, please get in touch.

The group also assesses the information about Highways projects in their ward for decisions by the Neighbourhood Committee at the NP meeting each year (usually the last meeting of the financial year in March).

Members of the group are currently Roger Gimson (chair), Cllr Martin Fodor, Cllr Fi Hance, Jenny Hoadley, Liz Kew, Viv Lindow, James Morvan, Gavin Spittlehouse and Matt Jones BCC Neighbourhood Officer.

  • Tree Group

The tree group reviews street trees (and may also review private or parks trees) to identify works to trees and new locations for planting street trees.

Members of the group are Vassili Papastavrou, John Tarlton and Cllr Anthony Negus

If you are interested in being on this group please get in touch.

  • Youth group

The NP wishes to find a way for young people to have an influence on NP work and decisions. We are currently investigating ways of involving local school councils / the Bristol youth council and youth mayors/ Universities in setting up a group or method of involving young people.

If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch.


Got an idea for another group?

Get in touch to discuss your idea.

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