Environment: Street Scene/Public places

1.2.1. Ensure maintenance of streets and public places

1.  Assist in the administration of the Street Scene Group – to meet on monthly basisand to Plan actions with Street Scene, Waste Officers etc

2.  Provide administrative and strategic support for the Street Scene Volunteers

3.  Promote better reporting – publicity of street scene issues.  Agree a plan

4.  Support Moving In/Moving Out campaign (A student engagement project) – city wide strategy

5.  Strategy for reduction of graffiti

6.  Bins on streets.  Survey/audit of what is needed

7. Dog poo.  Develop programme of activity for challenging in ‘hot spot’ areas

8. Recruit snow wardens

1.2.2. Tackle pavement obstructions

1.  Develop a programme for A Boards and other street furniture removal/reduction: Action days including reporting and Info leaflets, promotion; regular checks (timescales, how often etc)

2.  Trade Bins:  action plan for reduction of number of bins/ dealing with problems.  Street Scene WG, Officers and traders

3. Plan for reduction in number of residents bins and recycling boxes left on pavements through reporting and  enforcement and feed in to applications for new development to ensure they make proper provision for storage. Work with lwyl project to target students HMOs

4 deal with overhanging greenery by reporting or action days

5. tackle blocked drains by reporting and action parties

6 Identify flytipping hot spots and monitor/ report and action parties

1.2.3. Tackle ASB problems on streets

1.  Street Drinking campaign – investigate potential Streetwise project.  Agree a way forward with NP

2.  Nitrous Oxide cannisters project – health education, warnings

3 Tackle illegal graffiti through reporting and action parties

4 Tackle flyposting by reporting and action parties

5 Tackle littering through awareness raising campaign and action parties

1.2.4. Promote Street Tree planting and maintenance. 

 1.  Tree Group develop a tree strategy for NP, to include: allocation of WB£, ID tree replacement and diseased trees

2. monitor, report and tackle basal epicormic growth through work parties

1.2.5. Improve retail street frontage areas

1.  Engage with local traders groups to identify problems and projects.

2. Agree type and level of support to local traders groups

3. Seek Small Grants funding for identified projects

4. reduce number of commercial advertising hoardings on streets

3 Responses to Environment: Street Scene/Public places

  1. Regarding 1.2.4 Street Tree Planting (and maintenance). The NP agreed a strategy in 2011 which looked to increase overall canopy cover of the area to 18% for public health and other reasons. It does need actions and sources of funds and volunteers and council officer support and activity. We will compile a list for your March NP Meeting.

  2. S Pearson says:

    You haven’t got pavement parking under 1.2.2. Tackle pavement obstructions.
    Bishopston is plagued by it.

    • ab says:

      Pavement parking has been included under Traffic and Travel – so it has not also been put under Environment:street scene to avoid duplication- the NP is very aware of this issue and has identified a plan of action through the street scene group. I hope this answers this concern.