Environment: Parks and Green Spaces

We want our community to have a healthy, clean, safe, well-maintained environment

1.1.1. Promote improvements to Parks and Green Spaces

1. Work with parks groups to bring forward parks priorities identified in the Area Green Space Plans and management plans written for each park

2. Work with Friends of Ashley Down green to set up group and identify priorities and management plans

3.  Update existing Play Network list relating to BCR

4. Reacting to opportunities arising from the Green Capital programme.  Environment and/or Communication and Engagement working groups to consider opportunities

5.  Develop a schedule of works for Community Payback to undertake in BCR (e.g. litter picking)

6. Set up biodiversity working group to coordinate work with Tree Forum, and link across wards, wildlife corridors and link with Festival of Nature

1.1.2. Ensure maintenance of Parks and Green Spaces

1.  Negotiate parks maintenance schedule for BCR with Parks officers

1.1.3. Tackle ASB problems in the parks

1.  Work with Friends of St Andrew’s Park to ensure continuation of wildflower meadow and other natural methods of reducing Anti Social Behaviour

2.  Work with Friends of St Andrew’s Park, residents, police to plan other action to reduce Anti Social Behaviour in park

3. Work with  Redland Green Community group, police to reduce Anti Social Behaviour in park –

4. Work with Redland and Cotham Amenities Society, Friends of Cotham Gardens group, and police to reduce Anti Social Behaviour  in park

1.1.4. Identify opportunities for increasing number of green spaces

1. Parks, Traffic & travel and Street Scene Groups to explore and report potential sites for use as public green space

See results of 2012 Area Green Space Plans consultation for BCR NP parks

2 Responses to Environment: Parks and Green Spaces

  1. Regarding 1.1.1 part 6 biodiversity working group. Good idea it could be done through the Parks’ Groups and the Parks’ Forum would be a better link organisation as TreeForum tends to defer to Parks’ Forum on trees in parks issues.

  2. John Tarlton says:

    Improving the natural environment and biodiversity must remain a key goal. Maintenance of the existing green infrastructure should be considered an absolute minimum, and there should be a clear drive to enhance this at every opportunity. Green spaces and trees improve visual amenity, reduce pollution, enhance wildlife, reduce flooding and engender civic pride and well-being. We should aim to upgrade our open spaces, with initiatives such as meadow, tree and hedge planting to create wildlife habitats and improve ecosystem diversity. Given that creation new natural open spaces is difficult, we should plan to create “meadows in the sky” by planting street trees wherever it is possible to do so. With the right choice of species these can act as staging-posts in wildlife corridors, and represent the most visible and highest impact of all of the improvements the NP might make, representing a lasting legacy to the city and its future inhabitants.