Transitioning to a Community Partnership

At the Public Forum held on 25th April 2017, a wide range of existing community groups from within our area were invited to send representatives to discuss what kind of organisation should replace the Neighbourhood Partnership.

The meeting also attracted representatives from just outside the existing BCR ward boundaries from groups who would like to be involved in the new organisation. The meeting was attended by 3 local councillors and 29 local residents affiliated to 12 different community groups.

We are proposing that an interim steering group is formed to continue setting up the new organisation; this will comprise members of the existing NP plus additional volunteers who want to get involved. We are currently calling the new organisation the BCR Community Partnership.

We have decided that initially the new organisation will cover approximately the same area as BCR NP, but will be pleased to welcome additional local community groups who lie adjacent to the existing boundaries and wish to get involved because of shared local interests.

The new organisation will take over from the Neighbourhood Partnership at the final NP meeting on Monday 5th June 2017, to be held at Colston’s Primary School, Cotham.

The NP has submitted a request that Bristol City Council provide some minimal support for enabling the new organisation to establish itself. This includes drawing up a constitution, electing officers and setting up a bank account, as well as to continue holding quarterly Public Forum meetings across the BCR area. See Transitioning BCR NP to a new organisation for further details.

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