Police announcement on new Southmead Police Station

New location for Southmead Police Station: update from Neighbourhood Inspector Mark Runacres

I am now able to update you on progress to establish the new policing base for North Bristol.  After considering various options it has been agreed that a new police station will be built on the site of the old Wayfarer pub on Pen Park Road.  This will be the operational policing base for North Bristol.  The site of the new station will be shared with a Cooperative store but the buildings will, of course, be separate.

We will have a bespoke, new 600 square metre station over two floors, including an enquiry office and a secure parking compound for 15 vehicles.  It is anticipated that the move will take place in approximately 18 months.  The existing Southmead police station site is being sold to a care home provider.

Throughout this process we have been keen to move to a location within Southmead and it is pleasing that this has been possible.

Please share this information with colleagues / contacts as appropriate.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Runacres,

Neighbourhood Inspector.

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