Ideas for traffic free Portway activities?

The Portway will close on five dates this year due to events such as the triathlon and marathon, 31st May, 14th June, 21st June, 13th September, 25th October 2015.

Rather than re-opening straight away once those events are over, approval has just been granted to keep the Portway closed to vehicles for the rest of the day (until 10pm/midnight) on those dates, and they are asking the people of Bristol to come forward with their ideas on how they would like to use the space.

Art projects, recycling projects, litter picking, walks, talks, theatre treasure hunts, rock climbing were just some of the initial ideas. The space is there for the people of Bristol to use as they like; is there anything you would like to do as organisations/ individuals to take advantage of this?

A steering group is being assembled, and would welcome people to put themselves forward for that. contact:

Portway sunday park p1

Portway sunday park p2

Portway sunday park p3


Portway sunday park p4

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