Bristol Green Capital small grants: apply by Feb 27th

Please be aware that the Round 2 Small Grants are now online:

The deadline for applications is 27 February 2015.

This grants fund has been established by the Bristol 2015 Company in order to support activity during Bristol Green Capital year. Grants of up to £10,000 will be awarded to projects that empower Bristol’s citizens to live sustainably.

The board has agreed that this round will be focused on the Bristol 2015 outcomes that have received the least amount of funding across the neighbourhood, small and strategic grants. Eligible projects will be:

1.            Projects that help residents reduce food waste in the home

2.            Projects that promote use of solar energy

3.            Projects that reduce wasted food

4.           Projects that increase the use of public transport

5.           Projects that help reduce litter in public places

There is a total of £75,000 available for this round. So, although applications for up to £10,000 will still be accepted, the panel will be keen to receive applications at lower amounts up to £5000.00

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