Free cycle parking

Free cycle parking for small organisations in Bristol

Life Cycle run a scheme called ‘Take a Stand’. It is funded by the council, and under it, we can offer up to 4 free Sheffield stands to any applying organisation.

A ‘Sheffield stand’ is the eponymous ‘n’ shaped hoop you can see across Bristol. Free means we deliver, the applicant installs. Stands must be installed off the public highway.  Stands are available to a range of small organisations across the city – community groups, charities, churches, small business, landlords and the like have all benefitted.

FFi – contact Charlie on 0117 353 4580 or go to (where you can find a simple application form)

Charlie Bolton

Life Cycle UK

0117 353 4580

Create Centre * Smeaton Road *  Bristol *  BS1 6XN

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