Redland Forum 9/12/14 notes

Here are a few notes from the Redland Forum which have been put together by an attendee. They are not the official minutes.

This was a well-supported meeting with a turn out of about 30 residents as well as officers, councillors and speakers. Top of the agenda was the Residents Parking scheme.

• RPS. There will be a review of the Cotham North and Redland schemes in January 2015. Any comments already submitted will be included in the review. Residents in the area which was previously included in the Redland scheme will be able to say whether they wanted the scheme to be extended. They are already included in the inner city area zones which have already been approved by the council. Any additional areas, such as to the east of Cranbrook Road and Gloucester Road, would have to be approved by the council before being worked up as a new scheme. The time scale for this if there was a political decision to bring in a scheme here would be 18 months before operation at a minimum.

• In discussion, some concerns about the impact on for people with care needs were allayed by an explanation of the provisions already in place ie free permits (1 or more) for people with long term care plans; a scheme to provide a time-limited carer card for people who have recently been discharged from hospital is also being investigated. Traders who needed to use heavy equipment eg building trade, and gardening were able to get city wide permits for £190 p.a.or if preferred can use residents’ scratch cards. Suspension of parking bays for eg a skip costs £50 per week. 50 free scratch cards were available to all residents whether or not they have a permit. A further 50 cards are available at £1 each. Cards can be reused by a number of visitors over a single day. see full details here 

• Library, Green Capital, BCRNP Festival and Travel West items were also covered and are all covered in the Cotham Forum notes

• Break out sessions: people were able to talk directly to their councillors, police, Green Capital, Festival and Library representatives and to council NP officers. Issues that were raised for action will be passed to the responsible department or organisation and reported back in the next forum.


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