Cotham forum 4/12/2014 Notes

Here are a few notes from the Cotham Forum which have been put together by an attendee. They are not the official minutes.

Another meeting where the officers, police and organisation representatives outnumbered the residents. How do we make this meeting more interesting to the wider community? Do you have any ideas?

  • SWEEPING: Take action – complaints about road sweeping and issues have increased. But there is a lot that we can do to help; residents are encouraged to move leaves that are clogging up drainage gulleys, a broom handle works well! If it turns out that the drain is blocked, then report it on the BCC website. The urban myth about being liable for injuries that may occur if you have cleared paths of leaves or snow is just that, a myth.
  • DRINKING: In Birmingham the police are running a scheme, whereby nightclubs can refuse access to people who are more than twice the legal limit for driving, in an attempt to address many issues with eg ‘pre loading’ and asb; the police will report back on whether this could be brought in in Bristol
  • SPEEDING: Community Speedwatch volunteers will be operating this month with the help of PCSO Megan Emery
  • LIBRARIES: Some innovative ideas about how the library service may update itself and address budget issues are being shared online. Have your say:
  • FESTIVAL: the BCRNP festival committee are looking for some more people on the committee- all offers gratefully considered- volunteer your friends and relations as well!
  • GRANTS: Green Capital grants will be announced at the next NP meeting on 26 Jan 2015. A wide range of ideas have been submitted from across the area and covering energy, resources, food growing and natural world aspects.
  • TRAVEL: Travel west would like to hear from any organisation incl. traders and schools within the RPS areas who would like help with advice or funding to deal with the impact on their workforce of the parking restrictions. Individuals also helped, – see
  • FLY TIPPING: piles of black bags are regularly being dumped on Whiteladies road. We need to find out who is doing this; any information please to us.
  • TRAFFIC: Redland Road / Arley Hill traffic: the planning permission for the Dolphin school on Cheltenham Road has included traffic diversion along these roads to stop a left hand turn from Cheltenham Road into Bath Buildings. This runs past the new Elmgrove School building, part of Colston’s Primary. The officer appears to have been unaware of the new Colston’s school project when the decision was made. The meeting agreed that the safety of Colston’s pupils was jeopardised and that this decision should be reconsidered.
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