Redland Forum Details, 9th December 2014

At 7pm on Tues 9th December, Redland Green Bowling Club [map]

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Local Developments  / Projects
    1. Police update (10 min) PC Steven Phillipou / PCSO Neil Spiring, (Bridewell Police Station)
    2. RPZ Update (15 min) Jon Toy BCC Residents Parking Stakeholder Liaison
    3. Libraries for the Future (20 min). Janet Bremner
    4. Ward Boundary Review update (5 min) Carla Jones / John Atkinson
    5. Green Capital Update (5 min) Roger Gimson / Bristol2015
    6. Next year’s Neighbourhood Festival (10 min). Alice Darley
  3. Topic Tables including introduction to the process (30 min for topics)
    1. General Issues, Parks & Street Scene
    2. Police and Safer Bristol
    3. Libraries consultation
    4. Neighbourhood Festival
    5. Highways
  4. Priorities 
    1. Overview of issues raised outside this forum and any issues raised at the topic tables (10 min)
    2. Community-led discussion to raise community actions / priorities and issues confirmed (10 min)
  5. Any other business (5 min)

How to get there: Number 9 from St Michaels Hill to Redland Chapel Green (then 5 minute walk) or 2 (Cribbs Causeway bus) from City Centre to Clifton Down, Apsley Road (then 12 minute walk). Cycle parking is available. Residents Parking Zone restrictions do not apply during the evening.

Venue Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible. Limited on-site parking available (on-street parking also available).

Next meeting Neighbourhood Forum Tuesday 17th February, Redland Green Bowling Green

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