Bishopston Forum Details, 11th December 2014

At 7pm on Thursday 11th December 2014, Brunel Fields Primary School, Arthur Milton Street [map]

The agenda, which has a major theme of Play this month:

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Community Updates
    1. Streetscene and Street Champions Liz Kew
    2. Neighbourhood Festival (5 mins) Alison Bromilow
    3. Police Update (10 mins) PC Derek Black
    4. Libraries for the Future (15 mins) Julian Rush
  3. Play in Bishopston, ontroduced by Cllr Tim Malnick and Cllr Daniella Radice (1 hour)
    • Mapping existing provision in the area
    • Who’s in the room
    • Networking and workshops
    • Aspirations for the future
  4. Topic Tables including introduction to the process
    In this Forum these will run alongside the Play Workshops

    1. Police and Safer Bristol PC Derek Black & PCSO David Said
    2. Green Capital Events Bristol 2015
    3. Festival Alison Bromilow
    4. Environment / Highways John Atkinson
    5. Libraries Consultation Julian Rush
  5. Priorities
    1. Play Summary (10 mins)
    2. Feedback on new Forum (10 mins)
  6. Any other business (5 mins)

Next meeting of Bishopston Neighbourhood Forum: Thursday 12th February 2015, venue TBC

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