Bishopston Forum Agenda September 11th

Bishopston Neighbourhood Forum

Thursday 11th September 2014, 7pm – 9pm

Ashley Down School, Downend Road


 1.    Welcome and Introductions
 2.    Local Developments  / Projects

      1. Green Capital Funding (5 min).
      2. Grounds Maintenance Consultation (5 min)
      3. Student Moving In Campaign (15 min) Jemma Harford (Bristol University)
      4. Horfield Common Tree Planting (5 min)
      5. Police update (5min) PS Steve Bell from Bridewell Police Station
      6. Ashley Down Green Group Endorsement (10 min)
      7. Highways (20mph)(5 min)

 3.  Topic Tables including introduction to the process (30 min for topics)

  •  General Issues, Parks & Street Scene
  • Police and Safer Bristol
  • Green Capital Grants
  • Grounds Maintenance Contract Consultation
  • Horfield Common Tree Planting
  • Highways

4. Priorities

 a)    Overview of issues raised outside this forum and any issues raised at the topic tables (10 mins)

b)   Community-led discussion to raise community actions / priorities and issues confirmed (10 mins)

 5. Any other business (5 mins)

 Next meeting Neighbourhood Forum-

Thursday 11th December 2014 Brunel Fields (TBC)

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