Cotham North Residents Parking Scheme; lines and signs

 Cotham North Residents Parking Scheme: how signs and lines are to be located.

Implementation criteria for parking schemes in Bristol


This note sets out the criteria for introducing new signs and lines as part of a parking scheme in Bristol, based on the guidelines that were drawn up when the Kingsdown RPS was implemented. It will apply to all parking schemes, both new and existing, irrespective of whether or not they are in conservation areas.

Sign spacing

  • Parking restriction signs to be placed within 15m of the start of each bay in general, but allowing an additional 3m where deemed necessary for site-specific reasons.
  • Intermediate signs to be a maximum of 30m apart in general, but allowing an additional 3m where deemed necessary for site-specific reasons.

Sign locations

  • The installation of new posts is to be avoided wherever possible.
  • Signs to be erected on boundary / garden walls and railings (with the owner’s assent) or on lamp columns or posts carrying other road signs where appropriate.
  • No signs to be erected on house walls.
  • If a new post is essential, it should be located at the back of the footway wherever possible.
  • Sign height to be generally 1.5m on posts when at the back of the footway, or lower when erected on a wall or fence.  There is no set minimum height, but the visibility of the sign must always be considered.
  • Signs to avoid property entrances and windows.
  • Particular consideration must be given to finding sympathetic positions for signs near listed buildings.


  • Where there is no alternative but to install a new post, the post should always be square in order to minimise the possibility of signs being turned and to avoid the need for two posts.
  • The colour of the post should mirror that of the streetlights on that road (to be confirmed).  The three basic colours are:
    • Black (most conservation areas)
    • Silver / stainless steel (city centre and Broadmead)
    • Grey / galvanised (most suburban areas)


  • Where the road surface is new or where no or very few existing lines are present, 50mm primrose yellow lines must be installed.
  • Where existing lines are present, new lining should be designed to be in keeping with existing lining.


Author: HVM, 26/03/2012

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