Walking map of our area- article reprinted from Bishopston Voice

Put your best foot forward with the help of a new map project

PLANS are in place to create a map showcasing walking routes throughout Bishopston, Cotham and Redland in a bid to limit car use, and improve people’s health.
The Neighbourhood Partnership is to survey the areas bounded by Cranbrook Road, Kellaway Avenue, Muller Road and Chesterfield Road to discover effective, walkable routes.

As part of Bristol City Council’s walking strategy, the project aims to encourage more people to walk to local destinations, instead of using their cars, and have a greater care for the environment.

The map will show features such as local facilities, benches and routes which avoid hills, as well as distances and approximate walking times. The themes for the map are ‘walking for a purpose’ and ‘walking for pleasure’. The project will also be surveying routes which are easily accessibly for the elderly and disabled.

The Neighbourhood Partnership will be working with the council’s Street Scene group, Street Champions, local community groups, and local volunteers.

Published versions of the maps will be available on the Neighbourhood Partnership website and community group websites. 
Printed versions are to be distributed in local libraries, shops and businesses, community centres, health centres and schools. 

A bid has been put into the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to enable the group to produce the map. Sustainable Redland – a group dedicated to encouraging sustainable living in the area – recently received a grant to carry out a similar project, therefore the partnership will be building on and using the tools which they have been developing.
Six volunteers are on board with developing the project, and data will be collected for the maps through the ward forums.
Bishopston councillor Daniella Radice, who is involved in the project said: “Our aim is to produce a map of convenient walking routes for people in the Bishopston area. We are also going to survey the routes to make sure they are walkable, and to enable the council to improve them.
“We also aim to produce a map with walks of interest around the community for leisure walking.”

Focus groups are to be held for different sections of the community, including the elderly, physically challenged, children and mothers of school-age children.
Local places of worship will also be addressed to gather data about how people travel to meetings, as well as schools.
To keep up-to-date with the project’s progress, join the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership Facebook page.


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