Open meeting with Barbara Janke 26th Feb 7.30pm

Community Forum at Tyndale Baptist Church, Whiteladies Road next Wednesday 26 February 7.30pm
How is the Council to manage the schedule Increasing numbers of Old People in the future?
Barbara Janke – the Deputy Mayor of Bristol – is responsible for scheduling the city’s response to the Increasing numbers of elderly in Bristol. 
How is she going about this daunting task? 
Come to hear her talk about this at this Community Forum.
The meeting starts at 8.00pm goal the doors open at 7.30pm and the meeting ends at 9.30pm.
You must have issues about this topic!  
Are our libraries and bus passes safe? Who is going to care for us When our money runs out? 
How does the Council determines Priorities Between the young and old?
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