Statement from BCC highways re Redland RPS

Here is a statement from the Highways officers in Bristol City Council regarding the implementation of the Redland Residents’ parking scheme.


We have finalised our proposals for Redland RPS and the statutory consultation period for the scheme will take place in January.  We do not have precise dates for the consultation at this stage, but will provide them as soon as we can.

It was originally our intention to progress Redland RPS and Cotham North RPS at the same time, but the decision to reduce the size of the Redland scheme meant that it took slightly longer to finalise the proposals for that area than it did for Cotham North.

However, as Cotham North RPS covers a larger area than Redland RPS, it will take longer to implement.  This means that there need not be a gap between their start dates.  We are very aware of the concerns that residents in Redland have regarding the potential impact of displaced parking from Cotham North and will do everything that we can to prevent this, subject to each scheme being given approval to proceed to implementation following statutory consultation.


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