Valuing the neighbourhood in which we live

The Local Government Information Unit has produced a research paper on a study they have done about what environment issues in their area concern people or are most valued.

In descending order of importance respondents ranked the Quality of Life Indicators as follows:

crime, most important measure of Quality of Life
roads and pavements,
council tax,
dog fouling,
quality of local schools,
road traffic,
access to quiet areas,
neighbourhood air quality,
traffic noise, least important

Respondents were also asked to rank a number of local environmental issues:

Chewing Gum
Dog Fouling
Quiet Areas
Light pollution
Light intrusion
Fly posting

The ranking of this depended on whether the area was rural, suburban or urban and there was a variation in which issue was given greatest priority. Litter and trees however were consistently ranked highest and the implication is that it makes sense to prioritise these to improve public satisfaction. What do you think? To comment go to our facebook page.

with thanks to the LGUI.

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