Next Neighbourhood Partnership meeting

Two reasons to come along to the Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting on Monday 21st January at 7pm. Although previously likened to watching paint dry there are two issues which should cause lively debate.

i) Discussion of plans for residents’ parking. The Cotham Residents’ Parking Scheme (introduced in December) is the start. There are plans for other schemes for Cotham North and Redland. Councillors will be told the role out plan and the fact that currently it is proposed that consultation in the new areas is scheduled to take place before feedback is gathered about the success of the current scheme.

ii) Grants to local groups/projects. For the first time ever we are oversubscribed. Over £90,000 of applications have come in for less than £40,000 of money; Councillors will have to weigh up the pros and cons of each project and decide how much public money it is worthy of. A full list of the 24 applications is available at:

If you would like a say on either issue then writing is best; email Lucy Fleming at before midday on Friday 18th. Try to keep it brief. All emails will be read before the meeting (heading BCR NP public forum).

If you want to come to the meeting then it is at Redland Green School (7pm prompt) but you will probably only be able to listen to the Councillors’ deliberations (yes you can really hear the cogs turning). Unfortunately no impromptu speeches allowed as the Chairperson (that’s me) has to run the meeting to a tight schedule and we get thrown out of the room shortly after 9pm!

By Clive Stevens, resident and Chair

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