Would you like to be a Street Champion? It’s easy!

For the last two years there has been team of residents, Councillors and Council Officers working together as the Gloucester Road Task Group

The team has worked hard to clear the street and street furniture of rubbish, graffiti and fly posters. The team have achieved great things and extended their work onto Cheltenham Road and Ashley Down Roads. Lampposts and other street furniture, have been coated in a special paint that makes the removal of fly posters easy.

Keeping busy roads and residential streets clear is a challenge but one that is achievable if everyone plays their part.

The team has now become the BCR street scene group, covering the whole Partnership. The first meeting of these residents who have volunteered to be Street Champions was held in October. It was explained that a Street Champion is someone who keeps an eye out in their local area or even just their street. They report to the council on street scene, highways, environmental and other community safety issues so they can be dealt with quickly.

Your involvement could be as simple as keeping an eye on one piece of street furniture outside your house to becoming a member of the BCR street scene group that meets the first Wednesday morning of each month.

An example of one such successful project saw, in October, a car park off North Road in Redland Ward cleared and painted by Community Pay Back and volunteers in one day as illustrated by the surrounding photographs of before and after.


pic1pic4 pic2 pic3

So what are the benefits of becoming a Street Champion?

A well cared for and looked after street is less likely to experience crime and disorder. Littering and graffiti are noticeably reduced. It is safer if faulty street lighting, pavement problems etc are reported quickly. At the first meeting, many residents, although experienced at reporting problems, went away having enjoyed learning and sharing solutions with other residents.

How can I get involved and find out more? Contact: Lynn Parfitt,

Neighbourhood Development Officer. Email lynn.parfitt@bristol.gov.uk. 0117 9036978.

Next Street Champions meeting is on Thursday March 7th at Redland Library 6.30 pm

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