Sustainable Transport Project

Sustainable Redland is holding a meeting at the Friends’ Meeting House on Hampton Road on Wednesday February 6th at 7.30pm, and we’d love anyone from within the  Neighbourhood Partnership to attend. It’s about shaping up a proposal for a Sustainable Transport project due early in March. Here’s a bit about it:

  • There’s a substantial amount of money available. The bucket city wide is I believe over a million pounds.
  • We decided to open it as wide as possible, so we’ll invite other organisations such as Sustrans to attend, that way opening it beyond Redland’s borders. Applications affecting the city are likely to be more successful than ones affecting small areas only.
  • The money is coming through the Neighbourhood Partnership, so applicants will need to keep that in mind
  • The project is about changing behaviour, about persuading people to do things like leave their cars behind and discover more beneficial ways for them to get around
  • Pleasure and fun need to part of the mix
  • Any ideas are welcome, though more plausible ones are liable to be more successful
  • This is a project that will be run by the proposer
  • Clive Stevens will talk about the project in more detail at the beginning of the meeting, but most of the time will be given over to Open Space so that people keen to push an idea can persuade others to join them to put a proposal structure together.
  • At the end of the meeting we’ll look at the proposals and decide which is best

Susredland’s role is to get the project off the ground with this initial meeting, and for as many of its members as possible to attend, whether or not they have their own ideas to promote.

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